DAAS is an International Contemporary American artist based in Japan and the US. He graduated with a degree in commercial art / graphic design in Clearwater, Florida.
His artwork and murals have been exhibited worldwide in countries such as; China, Japan, Nepal, Jordan, Portugal, Canada, Dominican Republic and the United States. 

DAAS produces images that combine representational, cubist and abstract elements resulting in recognizable forms such as humans, animals and insects.

"Often times, I will find inspiration by referencing the crease patterns found in origami, shadows and highlights on surfaces as well as the often-sporadic placement of colors in the environment, such as road signs, stained glass windows, neon lights and the stand out colors of clothing worn by people in crowds. There are three dominant elements and goals in my work; to present a piece which is visually appealing through color and composition, engage the viewer in a positive manner and bring awareness to endangered species" - DAAS


Since 2011, he has created several large-scale murals in public spaces, such as:

City of Greensboro, Bellemeade Street Deck (Greensboro, NC. USA)
Color, Way of Love Art +, Nippon Paint (Shanghai, China) 
CHNA Mural Beautification Project, City of St. Petersburg (St.Petersburg, Florida) 
Open Art Museum / US Embassy (Amman, Jordan) 
Kolor Kathmandu, (Kathmandu, Nepal) 
Takatsuki Art Expo, (Osaka, Japan)  

His work has also been featured in numerous publications including; The New York Times, BBC, The Jordan Times, NotCot, Spoon & Tamago and Street Art News. Including the books, “In Heroes We Trust, Street artists and their Heroes.” book by Neely Shearer, published by Knock Knock and "Kolor Kathmandu" Street Art Book, by Sattya Media.



United States:  Avant Gallery,  Miami, Florida.
Japan: Kitano Alley Gallery, Kobe, Japan

Contact:  Info@artist-daas.com  •  Instagram: @daas